About us

New digital platforms enable creators to build audiences at scale. Whether that is playing video games or producing video content, creators can now turn their passions into livelihoods. 

Streamloots' mission is to help those creators to monetize their audience directly, allowing them to make a living by doing what they love. 

Born from a simple idea of viewers interacting with their favorite streamers, Streamloots’ ambition is to create new ways of entrepreneurship by helping creators become small individual corporates and change the way we will envision a "job" in the future.

To accomplish our mission, we started focusing on live-streaming gaming creators. We turn interactions with the creators into a product that they can sell: from making the creator play blindfolded or choosing the character they are going to play, to making the influencer send the viewer a dedicated video or dressing up as a superhero! 


We started 2 years ago, and now, over 40,000 streamers in more than 20 different countries have increased their revenue interacting with their fans through our platform. We are funded by leading global tech investors, including Bessemer.

At Streamloots we are looking for dreamers who are also relentless workers. We believe that the following values represent our company’s business culture:

We are Diverse:

We believe diversity —from gender to race, work history and life experiences— is the value that leads to better ideas and results. We view differences as opportunities to learn, grow, and improve our perspectives.

We are Learners:

Firstly, we think about which actions depend on us to better define the focus on what can we do. We enjoy having responsibilities, we ask proactively for feedback, and we do not take the latter in a personal manner, as we consider it as an opportunity to grow. We are the owners of our own positive attitude, independently of what happens around us. We strive to shine, and not with the objective of overshadowing others, but to make them shine as well. We think learning is an attitude and a never-ending process.

We are (positive) Team Players:

Nothing at Streamloots is someone else's problem. We are not only responsible for our own impact, but also for the impact of our whole team. We admire our colleagues and enjoy and recognize their success. We achieve agreements to deliver the best result for the company over our individual interest. We encourage others in our team to accomplish their goals with useful and honest conversations. As a summary, we believe in collaboration between teams, hierarchies, and roles as we are all part of the same team.

We are Contributors:

 Freedom, responsibility & self-leadership. It is our responsibility to achieve our goals and create an impact in the company with our tasks and deliveries. For this reason, we can decide where and how to work. We do not think about doing things, we think about achieving things. We should all be proud of everything we do and what we achieve with it.

We take humor seriously

Always should be a way to create good vibes. We create bounds between each other through humor. Memes are our language. RESPECT is the first rule. An image worth a thousand words.

Perks & Benefits

  • 🕓 Flexible hours
  • 💸 A competitive salary package
  • 👩‍🎓 Training
  • 🍓 Healthy snacks
  • ✈️Opportunities for personal growth and learning
  • 👨‍💻👩‍💻Open Remote Work
  • 🎮An incredible office and cool environment
  • 🧘‍♀ Yoga wednesday
  • 🌍 Global experience


Open Remote & Friendly

Streamloots is an “open-remote company”. That means that you can work from wherever you want, whether if it is in the office or not. Our main office is in Valencia, and we also have a co-working space in San Mateo (California).

Once every quarter (when COVID-19 allows it), we all gather in Valencia for a week to work together